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Disclaimer:  This information is not meant as direct medical advice. Readers should always review options with their local medical team. This is the sole opinion of Dr. Meakin based on literature review at the time of the blog and may change as new evidence evolves.

How Lifestyle Factors May Affect Cancer Risk and Outcomes

Questions from the Clinic:

Hey doctor, I've kept up with the standard cancer screening recommendations, but so have some of my friends who are now battling a difficult cancer diagnosis. What are some of my options to avoid this epidemic of cancer and other chronic medical conditions?

After the culmination of a few years of work by the team, we are happy to bring a novel physician-managed virtual and affordable platform to those concerned about chronic disease. Included on AVRT are descriptions of these novel proprietary products and tests as well as the new podcast by Travis Christophersen called "Healthy Conversations". In this podcast, Travis interviews leading scientists in the metabolic health arena many of which are advisors to our program.

Consider checking this out and tap into the most trusted and new metabolic health research.

You can also read the full article on Lifestyle Factors May Affect Cancer Risk and Outcomes on the CareOncology website.