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MMC Video Series

Meakin Metabolic Care Video Series

As you so well know there is a dependent and synergistic relationship between our physical health and our emotional and mental health. Think of our health as a three-legged chair, and for it to function all three must be present and balanced.  The “legs” of our health to remain happily standing are our physical, mental, and emotional health.  The absence of any one of these three features challenges our vitality and opportunity for happiness.  At MMC we believe that all legs of the chair need attention and have made an easy program to address optimal breathing, relaxation, intention setting, and disease management imaging. We attempted to make it usable for all in a simple, convenient, and inexpensive manner. 

Below you can watch the first 2 videos for free!

Session 1:
Breathing Practices for Greater Calm

Here you’ll learn a simple easy breath practice to help calm your mind in moments of stress and a mindfulness practice to incorporate into a routine.

Session 2:
Clearing the Psychological Space

Learn about a tool from Professor Eugene Gendlin known as "Clearing A Space". It’s a science-backed method for getting a little mental room when you feel overwhelmed and unable to think clearly.

If these videos resonate with you, get full access to the 6 part video program at a low cost at Meakin Metabolic Care website.

Get Access to ALL Videos in This Series
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