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Information on Common Health Topics

For those of you that need some advice or aren't quite sure about coaching yet, please feel free to peruse my library of health topics. Cancer is a big topic since I was a "Cancer Doctor" so it has its own place outside of the library. 

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The BIG SIX for Healthy Living

The BIG SIX is a priority list I put together for overall health and well-being. What this means is if you ignore 4 of the top 6 then minor adjustments of other factors are unlikely to impact the course of your health. You should try to put a plan around these BIG SIX priorities to make the most impact in the years you have left. Before you chase done some supplement or hack make sure you get the BIG SIX optimized first.

Have you been diagnosed with Cancer?
Learn how to get through treatments with THIS THE BIG SIX >>
Circular Library
  • Is this really free?
    No, although I am not charging you a fee, I ask that you pay it forward. I would be thrilled if you could use your time or treasure to support one of my favorite charities. Please look at the charity page to See what embraces you as well. I hope you can intentionally impact someone else's life as a result of this coaching.
  • Does coaching work?
    Many studies show coaching is critical to the success of many high performers by aiding accountability and exposing clients blind spots. As a certified Bulletproof Coach (2016), I use a “presence”based strategy to identify the root causes problems that frequently foster's a client to remain stuck.
  • Is this free service just really trying to sell Products?
    No, I have links to companies with products I have personally used, vetted and tested. Having them on the website allows a client to conveniently gather information and make decisions on purchases. I receive no sales benefits from any recommendations.
  • Are you working is a doctor in this role as a coach?
    No. I will not diagnose or prescribed prescription medicines. I encourage you to work with your existing physicians but I will help you make suggestions and ask questions that may lead to new insights. I will use my 30+ years of experience coupled with years of wellness training to make these suggestions to serve your needs.
  • Since you are a recently retired cancer doctor (12-30-18), do I need to be a cancer patient to secure services?
    No. In fact I would rather serve in a role to prevent cancer. Most of what I do is a cancer doctor it Involves helping an individual build a solid foundation to survive and thrive through cancer care and then modify their life to better prevent recurrence or subsequent second cancer.
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