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My Standard Program
  • Normal package is a 35 minute face-to-face video session. After each session you receive a brief written email to summarize discussions and set accountability targets.

  • All sessions are totally confidential and of course any client can stop or terminate sessions at any time.

  • Each session is scheduled on a 2 to 4 week cycle to allow time for testing ideas and trying out strategies. After 4 to 5 sessions we will jointly decide options to take a break and then resume at some interval.


Since this program is free, on the honor system, I ask clients to consider donations of Time or Treasure to the charities I have listed or your own charity of choice.

Next Steps

Potential coaching clients can fill out the questionnaire to request coaching. I will review your information and then provide you with a members login to fill out a more in depth questionnaire and to make your appointment with my online calendar.

Not Quite Ready for Coaching?

Maybe you haven't decided on coaching yet. Then feel free to use this website to find current information on common health topics in the library. Take it a step further and subscribe so that you can get weekly emails on various topics and additional information.​

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