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Paying It Forward

Most of my life I worked to support environmental causes, maintain and create environments for outdoor play to foster health and wellbeing and support cancer patients and our military personal. These are organizations that do this well with very lean overhead. 

Catawba Lands Conservancy

Protecting our waterways to preserve water quality is critical to disease prevention and maintenance of our ecosystem. My lovely wife Lindsay and I have preserved  275 acres of forest that buffers our rivers in the Charlotte region.  We hope to do more in time. Please help us on this worthy cause if not in the Charlotte area someplace close to your home. But I do know this organization is quite lean and executes their mission well.


CaroMont Health Foundation / Oncology Fund

CaroMont Health is a remarkable independent not for profit hospital organized in the Triad structure where physicians,  nurses and administrators  share the decision making to better create a safe, patient centric, high-value experience for the community. I spent 25 of my best years in this environment and believe In their mission. There is extensive cancer in this region due to lifestyle issues and many of these families have financial challenges. This fund does not pay for expensive that helps with supportive care when emergencies come up.


Max Love Foundation

I recently heard the story of Max into survival from a challenging brainstem cancer and how his remarkable family rallied around him and other families with similar problems and created this educational foundation. This organization teaches families how to survive and thrive through lifestyle changes mainly centered around nutrition, positive intentions, and environmental toxins. They thrive where that typical medical care has limited resources.  I recently was honored to asked to volunteer on their advisory board and I hope you will support them as well.

Courage Foundation

This remarkable organization was formed by veteran Navy Seal Leader, Author, and Speaker Mark Devine and his Unbeatable Mind Organization to serve is Support veterans. Approximate 22 veterans commit suicide every day and this is unacceptable and Mark's team offers up to 18 months of coaching to help these returning and disenfranchised veterans to better reintegrate and return to productive lives.  I am participated in many of Mark’s Navy Seal training programs and can attest to the authenticity of this effective and lean organization.

U.S. National Whitewater Center

I was able to serve on the start up board for this unique organization that has introduced many urban dwellers to outdoor recreation. Located on 1000 plus acres just outside of Charlotte NC, they have many charity camps and programs that serve youth that may not get exposed to our natural environment in their normal life.

Reiki Education

I discovered this wonderful organization 10 years ago when they volunteered at our cancer center and I witnessed some remarkable transformation in our patients.  I was moved by the practice and decided to study it myself through multiple months of evening work and found the skill truly  beneficial in patient care and many facets of life.  The primary educators and masters Bill and MeiYin are so generous with their time and have chosen this work to change the world one life at a time. Please consider a donation to this wonderful organization.

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