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Products that help you be healthy

These are products and companies I have vetted over the years and support their quality and effectiveness. I receive no advertising dollars by supporting these.

Capsules (B Vitamins, Carnitine and more) made from nutrient-rich, natural organs that provide everything your body needs for optimal health.

          Redmond's Salt Mine Utah

Rob Wolf's Keto Friendly Product

          Pure essential vegan friendly 8 amino acids to help maintain protein needs

For Fish Oils, Vitamin D, combinations with reliable products that are assayed for Mercury, and sourced responsibly


Wide variety of supplements that are heavily vetted with some unique ones being Brain Octane for exogenous ketones (capsule or liquid ), Unfair Advantage for liver detoxification


Medical grade assays for all supplements, wonderful customer service, innovative products, wholesale pricing for practitioners


Best sleep and activity tracker available, most accurate detection of all four stages of sleep, battery last 6 to 7 days before recharging, Great interface with phone, tracks activity, and suggest General readiness/ Health status each morning based on prior few days of data


Easy low cost sleep aid that induces in 5 to 10 minutes endorphin response it initiates sleep the generally leads to deeper sleep when utilized. May find that or other providers

Recreational canned pure Oxygen in easy to deliver canister to support high physical and mental demand, adjust to high altitude, recover from jet lag, and use pre-exertion for those with lung or heart impairments to ease function.

For more information on Oxygen Plus and it's uses see my video.

Natural Medicine
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