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Coaching Tools For You to Use Now

In order to have a healthy life one must grow on a personal level. I have listed several exercises here, you can do on your own, to further your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

This exercise from BulletProof looks at the consistency between your activities in life and your values in life. It helps you to figure out how to live the life you want.

Feeling gratitude can improve health and happiness. This exercise encourages you to express gratitude more deeply and deliberate.

Holding onto a grudge too long or too deeply can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. This document gives you steps on how to forgive.

Are you truly present when you have conversations with friends and family?  Learn how to be more engaging and have meaningful conversations. Grab a partner for this one. 

Learn the technique of the power of positive feelings to replace depleting emotions with ones that can renew your system.

Vitality refers to the state of feeling alive and alert. Take this survey to rate your own.

* All of these documents are PDF.

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