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When the word detoxification comes up many people immediately contemplate images of sweat lodges, prolonged fasting, or colonics. Once again my theme in this website is to pursue the inexpensive easy to execute strategies that fit nicely into our lives. Any practices with extreme inconveniences or discomforts (physical or financial) will likely be rare events for most of us. I have

tried and experimented with many, but the simple daily ones are what I want to emphasize here. If someone does not execute the basics, the once a year trip to the desert spa or such will likely not help.

Detoxification is a simple term that describes the healthy recovery and corrective processes that are innate to our body.  Examples include the glial-lymphatic system of the brain that releases build up neurotransmitter breakdown products during deep sleep that allows our brain to recover and reboot for the next day and consolidate memories from the previous day.  Another example is the liver’s work following digestion, nutrient storage, and distribution followed by enzymatic neutralization of toxins that is critical in our daily eating cycle. The final example is our bodies molecular neutralization of reactive oxygen species from extreme exercise, stress, or toxic food, or energy (EMF, Ionizing Radiation, Microwave) exposures that require valuable ATP utilization and a functional symphony of enzymatic reactions.  

On a large scale the body gets rid of "things" four ways:

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