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Disclaimer:  This information is not meant as direct medical advice. Readers should always review options with their local medical team. This is the sole opinion of Dr. Meakin based on literature review at the time of the blog and may change as new evidence evolves.

Life's burning Question #2: What Should I Drink?

What should I be drinking to live healthier and longer?

Although you may love your morning latte as you can probably guess it's not the best thing to start your day. But I have some great ideas to help you start your day with a band AND get your coffee too!

So What Should You Drink?

Answer: WATER (ding ding)

Did I say water? Start an intentional morning ritual that when you walk in your kitchen, the first thing you do is grab two glasses or mugs. You then fill them up with the best water you have, preferably not from a plastic bottle, consider adding some sea salt if you're not hypertensive (about a half of teaspoon total), and chug them down like a thirsty pirate. I guarantee you, in 2 to 5 minutes you'll feel your body waking up. I personally then go to my coffee, cleanly made, and full of organic fat whipping cream, also a half a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon, sometimes some dark chocolate, sometimes some MCT oil (Brain Octane which is pure C8 mid-chain triglyceride), froth it and get ready to go. Remember there is virtually never a good idea to drink fruit drinks in the morning or at any time of the day.