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Disclaimer:  This information is not meant as direct medical advice. Readers should always review options with their local medical team. This is the sole opinion of Dr. Meakin based on literature review at the time of the blog and may change as new evidence evolves.

Life's burning Question #1: What should I eat?

What should I be eating to live healthier and longer?

In this ever changing world of fad diets, pharmaceuticals, vitamins/supplements and the next new thing to keep me healthy and disease free it's hard to chose the best course of action to do just that? I am here to help!

What Should I Eat?

In one of my newsletters, I spoke about eliminating sugars and white carbohydrates, processed foods, and eating real foods, extensive vegetables, and limited meat and fish. What we know now is the body, and thus the mitochondria run best on ketone metabolism which comes from high-quality mono and saturated fats (grass-fed beef, butter, olive oil, grass-fed animals, wild caught fish, avocado oil, etc. ).

The whole movement toward low-fat products was a giant boondoggle brought together by the agricultural industry, who created human-made trans fats to replace what we used to eat.