Coronavirus - COVID19 Prevention

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Functional Medicine looks at root causes and thus root solutions and while at a recent educational program this information on COVID 19 virus protection was shared. Our immune systems are remarkable if we support their maintenance and function. I attended a trip in the San Francisco Bay area with fifty five 22-30-year-old students and was armed with most of the products listed below. I reassured them that this is more a concern for the medically frail so the focus should be on your weaker older loved ones and those with severe medical conditions. There are emerging reports of a subgroup of younger population with preexisting heart problems that are also at risk to get quite sick, so the information is fluid and evolving. We should make sure we are not the vector or path of spread to these high-risk groups. Social distancing for most of us and avoidance of all at risk groups needs to be enforced to mitigate the rapid escalation modeled.